Lovely lunch, except for the tiny tomato seed found on Zack’s sandwich. Restaurants really need to take food allergies more seriously. Now I get to spend the rest of the day watching Zack sleep. Fun. 

Basil Mint Water made from herbs growing on my balcony.

Balcony With Flowers, Herbs,and Cat

At the Getty

Thinking about someone I was once very close to who has this disorder. So sad. It tore the family apart, not because of the disorder itself, but because of the way the family ignored its ramifications, and placed blame where it did not belong, making contact impossible.


Anonymous asked:

For years I was able to keep my illness away from everyone else. I am medicated and for the most part they work, but every now and again I slip away. I have someone in my life that listens to the madness but sometimes I feel like maybe it might be too much for her. I know you don't hide your disorder but in my line of work there is no way I can let it get out. Any ideas?



I hide my disorder at work, and actually most people I know in real life have no idea I have bipolar, except my family and closest friends. I only have one person on tumblr that’s my best friend in real life. I never tell work. It’s discrimination if they fire you because of a mental illness, but if it doesn’t impact on the way you work or do your job, they can’t do anything. But sadly mental illness is still taboo for the most part, so they can find any reason to let you go. I got fired from my last job when I worked as a medical secretary for a plastic surgeon, after I told my manager - his wife, that I had bipolar. Never making that mistake again. What line of work are you in? And what is your diagnosis if you don’t mind me asking? Have you got tumblr? Inbox me your page if so.